Doesn’t bring the party home”

I have never encountered this phrase except for in craigslist apartment posts in SF. Though I did not look too too hard in NJ, but still, what the hell? Not that I would want someone who ‘brings the party home’, but why is that the first thing on a list of requirements. Doesn’t ‘respectful’, ‘friendly’, or other myriad terms included in the postings cover that?

brb moving into my car as I cannot find a room / afford anything.

Science is long days at the lab followed by pomegranate cider and fried chicken. I like this. (at Magnolia Gastropub & Brewery)


Their butts keep getting higher

Though Bulbasaur is my favorite, I like the dynamism of this Venosaur. I’d love a print/sticker for my laptop…

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slightly miffed and very amused (miffmused?) that when asking a clerk whether I needed to check my bag, he replied, “that’s a murse, right?”

anyway, bought sandman overture issue 2 today, I think I’ll get one issue from a different comic store in the city.

I feel really invigorated after my run, perhaps it was the contact high from some whiffs of marijuana I passed through, or seeing the sun set over the Pacific Ocean after somehow making it through Golden Gate Park, but I want to set some objectives for what I want to get out of my new job. I’ll need to be sure to aggressively pursue them so I don’t end up being relegated to just doing whatever needs to be done.

  • Research competence: running experiments, reviewing and understanding protocols/hypotheses, data cleaning and analysis, interpreting results
  • Confidence interacting with patients, lab members, and others
  • Domain knowledge: all about vision, the brain, neurodegenerative disorders
  • research in other areas unrelated to neurology?

I want to get involved with everything, but also don’t have any real skills as of yet…



I didn’t think I was driving at too frenetic a pace, if anything, most of the drive was pretty relaxing, except for some parts where I was dangerously sleepy and took micro-naps on the side of the highway. I probably spent more money than I should, but this is a pretty rare opportunity to drive across the country. I took a coworker’s advice to drive no more than 600 miles a day, so the whole trip took around 9 days or so. I think the stints from Omaha to Denver and Denver to Salt Lake were one of the most amazing drives, it’s too bad I didn’t have the luxury of time or endurance to make more detours, whether up to Sioux City or Chimney Rock. I did indulge and go to Arches National Park, which added an extra 4 hours or so for the leg from SLC to Las Vegas.

Having been in SF for nearly a week, I’m still not sure how to make this feel like home. Everything feels so..suburban, but I also have Manhattan/NYC as the default template for a ‘city’ in my brain. Though seeing the green of GG Park, the Presidio, and the mountains north with the Golden Gate Bridge peaking through almost makes up for it.

After nine days or so on the road, crossed the bay bridge to On’n’On. (at San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge)

Denver is gourmet sausage and fresh homemade chips. (at The Uber Sausage)

SR-71 Blackbird! So cool. (at Strategic Air & Space Museum)

Coffee and comics in Nebraska. (at Legend Comics)

Aloha from Omaha with fried pickles, peanut butter sauce wings, and steak pizza.

马年快乐! Third time I’ve seen these zodiac heads in as many different places. Where else are they? (at The Cleveland Museum of Art)

It’s orchid mania in Cleveland. (at Cleveland Botanical Garden)